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We offer a no-nonsense approach to insect pest control and will supply a FREE no obligation quote along with helpful and honest advice on all aspects of insect pest control. All our work is insured and we take pride in being able to give a high standard of work at a competitive price from a local friendly company.
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Insect pest control


Carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture and other objects which are most susceptible to attack contain material of animal origin including wool and wool products such as felt, natural animal fur, feathers and hair, and untanned leather and skins.

Textile Insect Pest Control

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Insects that inhabit your home can be troublesome, destructive and spread disease, cause allergies and a great deal of stress.

We are often called out to implement insect pest control when one of our customers has noticed damage to carpets or fabric.
Being plagued by pests in your home is particularly stressful so we react quickly and get to you as fast as possible in order to eliminate the pests immediately.
If you suspect you have a textile insect problem and need fully qualified, effective and safe pest control in Dundee, Angus and Aberdeen, then please don't hesitate to call Now! 0800 061 4568

How Do You Know If You Need Pest Control?

One of the most common complaints that carpet cleaners come across, that indicates a pest problem, is damaged carpet or rug fibres. You may notice a slight bare patch of carpet and this is very often caused by a moth infestation.

You may also find moth larvae and eggs in the carpet - But please don't worry, we are able to treat moth infestations very effectively and for good!
Some of control services include dealing with the following insects and textile pests:

  • Moths
  • Fleas
  • Mites
  • Beetles
  • Bed Bugs
If you suspect you have an insect pest problem, and would like a free consultation, simply call us 0800 061 4568 or fill out our quote form.

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Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are small blood-sucking insects that can live in cracks and crevices in and around your bed. Attracted by your body heat and carbon dioxide, they crawl out at night to bite your exposed skin and feed on your blood, just as mosquitoes do. Not everyone develops a skin reaction to bedbug bites, but some people develop itchy red bumps. These appear around 15 to 30 minutes after being bitten and can last for several days. Bedbug bites are usually found on the face, neck, hand or arm, and are often mistaken for mosquito bites. bedbugs However, while mosquito bites tend to be random in pattern, bedbug bites more often occur in straight lines. Although bedbugs can be upsetting and stressful to find, they aren't dangerous and don't transmit any human diseases. Most people don't develop any serious skin reaction. However, you should take action straight away to prevent the spread of an infestation. If you think you have a bedbug infestation, then call 0800 061 4568 to arrange a visit.